Africa Policy and Futures Forum

We are pleased to welcome you to the website of the Journal of African Challenges, an open-access policy-oriented journal of the Africa Policy and Futures Forum created to promote African thoughts on African predicaments. The Journal believes in African intellectual contribution to African affairs and global debates.

In an attempt to decolonize knowledge systems and the academy, the journal publishes papers from young African academics, policymakers, and intellectuals on social economic, and political developments in Africa and their real-world implication on complex social problems in the world.

The journal seeks to be the river through which knowledge flows from Africa to the world and bring new perspectives to discourses on the continent. We aim to publish papers with the potential to advance knowledge and promote free inquiry on African society and institutions.

We welcome submissions on all African-related themes. Accepted submissions will be diverse; social-cultural, philosophical, moral, political, economic, and or business perspectives. We believe in following the legacy of legendary African intellectuals like Ali Mazrui, GeorgeAyittey, etc to use Africa's geographical centrality to address its global marginalization by publishing and promoting the work of young African scholars and their meditation on Africa's intractable challenges. And the proliferation of theories and social analysis as a break from problem-oriented discourses on the continent to real academic juxtapositions.

We wish you all the best in exploring our website and hope you can keep engaging with us.

Thank you.